The method of mixing station experiencing problems should seek multiple perspectives problem As we all know, operational quality and staff concrete mixing station equipment can directly affect the quality of produced concrete products. However, not all of the properties of concrete products, station equipment decisions are stirred by the concrete, today Hengyuan machinery on and introduce a concrete mixing station equipment not affect the concrete product attributes: plastic retractable. The so-called plastic concrete stretch, small cement mixers for sale referring to the concrete mixing station equipment just produced concrete products still in the plastic state, due to the greater wind speed, the higher the temperature and other reasons, the concrete in the water will gradually loss, evaporation, resulting in a plastic state concrete being curtailed, the plastic stretching phenomenon. If you just produced plastic state concrete products, regardless of whether any stretch their self-care, will lead to concrete products seriously after the break to reduce the moisture content, the impact of the whole grade concrete, if it is a special type of project construction project will directly affect safety. Therefore, Hengyuan mechanical suggested that, for just finished production of plastic concrete products, try to place it in a static environment at room temperature, to avoid evaporation temperature difference, wind and other concrete water. Can also be seen from the above description, the real impact of plastic retractable concrete concrete mixing station equipment is not a problem, but after mixing stations produce relevant staff for timely and effective treatment of concrete products. It also suggests that the majority of customers, in the actual production process, the method should be more than one point of view if you encounter a problem to find the problem, rather than to blame the equipment on top of the concrete mixing station. Two operating modes are independent and each mixing station constraints Concrete mixing station from the use of points is divided into: concrete mixing stations and engineering concrete mixing station, mixing station main suppliers for the production and sales of concrete, and construction of concrete mixing plants generally produce self-sufficiency, of course, both directly feeding mode is different . Today to introduce you to the working principle mobile cement mixing plant and control requirements for concrete mixing station: First, the working principle of concrete mixing station Concrete mixing station is divided into four parts: gravel feed, powder (cement, fly ash, bulking agents, etc.) to feed, water and feed additives, transmission and storage of their work flow stirred shown in Figure 1. , the mixer control system power, into the human - machine dialogue interface, system initialization process, including the recipe number, concrete grade, slump, producers amount be based on each silo weighing, measuring bucket. detection, output material empty or material full signal prompts the operator to determine whether to beton mixing plant for sale activate the control program starts stirring sand, stone belt motor fed to the metering hopper; Open fly ash, cement tank valve, start electromechanical screw conveyor ash cement to the metering hopper; open water storage pools and additives and admixtures control valve so that water is metered into the metering hopper to meet the set requirements Doudou door open metering, mixing the ingredients into the blender is started within, to set. Time to open the mixer door, concrete has received material into the mixer. Second, the control requirements for concrete mixing station 1 each cylinder, the control valve and motor to concrete mixing processes required to run each cylinder, the control valve and motor control must be accurate, stable and reliable. 2 control system with automatic or manual mode, and the relationship between each other is independent and restrict each other. 3 system with a good anti-jamming capability and improve the alarm self-protection. 4 through communication with the computer, it can display system status, fault alarm.

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